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  • Lasts longer.

Convenience Store FixturesNSF certified for food preparation.

Your fixtures do more than just display your merchandise. They welcome your customers and set the tone for your entire store. Top-quality fixtures from Merchants Fixture not only welcome your customers and present your merchandise more effectively, they represent long-lasting, hard-working value. Our premier line of custom cabinets qualify for food preparation and display. Our optional NSF certification means you can trust our fixtures for safety.


“Whether a 100 store roll out or a single store new build, Merchants Fixture has always gone above and beyond … READ MORE

John Hodnett
Sr. National Account Manager
S&D Coffee & Tea

“Dash In has been working with Merchants for over a year now and have been absolutely thrilled with the both the product and the service level … READ MORE

Blackie Wills
Director of Real Estate & Development
Dash In Food Stores (The Wills Group)

“The fit and finish of the cabinets from Merchants is top notch. With simple to follow instruction … READ MORE

Cory McMullen
Senior PM Construction Services
Powerhouse Retail Services


Why we’re better.

Thoughtfully designed and carefully built with premium grade materials, our incredibly versatile fixtures feature design and engineering advances developed over 40 years of serving the convenience store, retail, commercial and healthcare markets. This additional engineering and structural support makes for a durable fixture that lasts longer and makes installation easier. When your store’s reputation is on the line, trust it to the fixture that’s stood the test of time: Merchants Fixture.

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