A fixture choice that is far from the ordinary.

Thoughtfully designed and carefully built with premium grade materials, our incredibly versatile fixtures feature design and engineering advances developed over 40 years of serving the convenience store, retail, commercial and healthcare markets.

This additional engineering and structural support makes for a durable fixture that lasts longer and makes installation easier. Our products are recognized by the architects and designers who specify them, the craftsmen who install them, and the store staff who work with them every day.

What sets our fixtures apart?


Premium materials

3/4-inch plywood and furniture glides give our cabinets extra durability and project an upscale appearance.


Quality engineering

Our C-System offers hundreds of pre-engineered
components for a customized look. Or contact our
engineering department for a completely custom project.


Long lasting

Durable materials and refined features like “captured” cup dispensers and inlaid “trash” flipper doors extend fixture life.


Easy installation

Construction features like a pre-cut chase at the top and floor and removable toe kick and back panels conceal unsightly plumbing and electrical components, making installation a breeze and allowing for easy maintenance.


Precision-built construction

Our quality assurance practices and automated production line ensure accurate, precise CNC machining. They allow us to eliminate waste, reduce labor costs, and deliver a high-quality competitively priced product that is defect-free.


Hundreds of pre-engineered components
let you design a truly custom installation.

Our pre-enginered system allows you to tailor your fixtures to a store’s layout and configuration. Angles, heights and radiuses can all be customized to give you fully-tailored and functional installation. Our full service design department is standing by waiting to provide you with schematic 2D floor plans, detailed shop drawings, and full 3D interior renderings.
Compare our products

Bottom rear stretcher improves durability and allows access to mechanicals behind cabinet

“Captured” cup dispensers keep the back ends tight to extend usefulness
Furniture glides allow for easy installation and maintenance, and prevent spills from damaging the wood
Removable 6” toe kick gives you room to run cords, plugs and piping
Pre-cut chase at top & floor conceal plumbing and electrical components and make installation quick and easy
Fully-lined interior seals all the edges, making it more durable and easier to clean
Premium 3/4-inch material for extra durability
Removable back panels for easy access and maintenance
Inlaid “TRASH” flipper doors improve durability and project and upscale appearance
NSF Certified safe for food display areas and kitchens

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Built Better and Backed Stronger.

We know that our customers expect and deserve excellence in our products and services and that our customers’ satisfaction cannot be compromised. That’s why we offer one of the best warranties in the industry.

With Merchants Fixture, you’re protected against defects in materials and workmanship for two years of normal use. Merchants Fixture will repair or replace any defective product we cover, except defects caused by misuse, abuse, negligence, alteration or normal wear. Hardware adjustments are not covered by this warranty.

When your store’s reputation is on the line, trust it to the fixture that’s stood the test of time: Merchants Fixture.